Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

My new entry for 2014



It's been too long since I don't update any entry for almost 1 year I think. I am still a new mom and teaching in Alor Setar. I feel so useless because let my blog without post anything here. My daughter is almost 1 year  3 months old. This is my first entry in English. I'm sorry for my broken English. 

 My life's passion

I am interested in being Productive Muslimah even I am not, but I will, Insya Allah. You can check this website  for more articles. If in Malaysia, Ustaz Pahrol  also always advises to all Muslims becoming a ' Mukmin Professional. From what I understand about Productive Muslim and Mukmin Professional is a Muslim that excellence in work and Ibadah. May Allah grant to us a patience in becoming it.

Teaching idea

What you give, you get back. The word that I use to hear. As a Muslim, what you contribute, you get more back. So because of that I want to share about teaching ideas and anything about education. So feel free to download it soon.

Thank you and Assalamualaikum.

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